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PURE Detox Kits & Detox Program

28 Day Detox Kit for a complete Metabolic Reset.

PURE Detox Kit

Reduces Body Fat & Increased Energy

Metabolic Reset & Full Detox Kit

Fewer Sugar Cravings & Improved Digestion (Healthier Gut)

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What is the PURE Detox Pack?


PURE’s Detox programs, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, was developed to help your body eliminate environmental toxins and waste, help you avoid processed foods, added sugars and refined flour and help you grow accustomed to eating whole foods.

During your PURE detox journey, as you break unhealthy eating habits, your energy levels will soar, you will find newfound mental clarity and focus and you will
likely shed a few extra pounds along the way.*


  • Reduced body fat.*
  • Fewer sugar cravings
  • Better digestion
  • More energy
  • Improved mental clarity

DETOX KIT COMES IN 7 Day & 28 Day Kits

Why Try the PURE 28 Day Detox Pack?

WE LIVE IN A TOXIC WORLD and our bodies are bombarded with chemicals and other potentially harmful substances on a regular basis.

These environmental toxins are often found in the food we eat, the water we drink, commercial products we use and the air we breathe. Our bodies are designed to deal with and eliminate these toxic substances; however, we can become encumbered by them, which puts a heavy burden on our innate systems of elimination.

Over time these toxins take a toll on our health leading to low energy levels, extra body weight and feelings of malaise and brain fog.

The average person also consumes too many packaged and processed foods which have added sugar we may not be aware of. Over 90% of the sugar we consume comes from processed and packaged foods and not from candy and desserts. The average American consumes an estimated 77 to 88 pounds of sugar every year.

This is the equivalent of nearly 5 ½ full-size candy bars every single day. It is doubtful the typical person would lay out 5 to 6 full-size candy bars every day and say to themselves, “I’m going to eat these and not worry about their impact on my health.” Yet, most of us consume this much sugar every single day. Furthermore, the typical person consumes almost 200 lbs. of refined flour and cereal products annually.

Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates contribute to weight gain and poor health.

As you progress through PURE’s Detox programs, your body will benefit from increased energy, reduced cravings and healthier eating habits.

You will feel better overall. Pat yourself on the back and feel satisfied with your results, as you are set on a path of positive and long-term change.



PURE’s Detox programs include intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. Refrain from eating at an hour that is convenient for you (7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9 p.m., etc.), and wait 12 hours before eating again.

For instance, if you stopped eating at 8 p.m., consume breakfast at 8 a.m. the following morning. This will optimize your body’s detoxification processes and enhance your body’s ability to reduce weight.


Once you have completed the 7-Day or 28-Day PURE Detox, we recommended you continue using the CORE4 products. HealthTrim® Cleanse, GoYin, Daily Build and PURE ENERGY are built on the company’s philosophy of cleanse, balance, build and focus. Daily Detox is recommended to take as a bridge between HealthTrim Cleanse cycles.

Consume plant-based, whole foods, avoid added sugars and sources of refined carbohydrates, and eat plenty of healthy sources of fat. This will help you maintain your results until you are ready to do another PURE Detox.


 Jump-start your weight loss journey with the Detox Pack. This combination of herbs and botanicals effectively helps facilitate the removal of toxins from the body while supporting your weight loss journey. Continue to use these products to maintain your results.


  • (1) CalciuMK+
  • (1) Cleanse, Liquid (1 oz. bottle)
  • (1) Daily Build
  • (1) ENERGY Variety Pack
  • (3) GoYin
  • (1) Greens
  • (1) Mila
  • (1) Organic Sulfur
  • (1) Probiotic


  • (1) Matcha Vegan Shake (Vanilla)
  • (3) Metabolic ONE
  • (1) PURE Café
  • (1) SleepTrim


  • (1) GPS Hydrate (tub)

Recent Reviews & Before and After Photos

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I could tell a difference

Rated 4 out of 5

I tried this out for just over a month. That was how long my bottle lasted, using about 4-5 pumps every evening. I took photos every 5 days. After ten days, I really started to notice a difference in my skin texture and overall appearance. After roughly 35 days, I have to say I am impressed that some of my lines appear to be smaller. I would recommend this product.

Pure 28 Day Detox Kit Results - Before and After - Kerry
Pure 8 Day Detox Kit Results - Before and After - MIKE
28 Day PURE Detox Kit - Results - John

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of exact results. The experiences and results will vary by individual.

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This pack Includes enough products for: One 28-Day Detox Complete Program, or four Complete 7- Day Detox Programs.

A combination of herbs and botanicals effectively help facilitate the removal of toxins while supporting your weight loss journey during the 7-day and 28-day detox plans. Successful weight loss consists of healthy eating and regular physical activity. Jump-start your weight loss journey with the Detox Pack. 

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