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Where can I buy PURE Nerium™ skincare products?

You can order directly through is. We are a Independent Business Owner of PURE. See all PURE products here:

Are these PURE products sold by any other company?

No. The PURE/Nerium agreement allows for PURE to be the exclusive distributor of eight Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. products in the Direct Sales Industry. The PURENerium products are the most advanced proprietary formulations to date. All formulations with the patented ingredient NAE-8® and were researched, developed andmanufactured in the USA and are owned by Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.®

Who should use PURENerium skincare?

Men and women who seek advanced and therapeutic skin care for basic and targeted needs.

Are there safety issues with products that contain NAE-8®?

Over 19 million units containing NAE-8® have been sold without any reports of serious adverse effects. Research to date has shown that products containing NAE-8 are not only safe; but, in terms of effectiveness, consumers have confirmed NAE-8 products work better for them than what they have previously found in the marketplace. With the primary goal of consumer well-being and safety, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. ensures that each NAE-8 product is of quality and in accordance with regulatory guidelines and certified good manufacturing practices.

What is NAE-8?

NAE-8®, also known as Nerium Aloe Extract, is a proprietary ingredient of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. ® that harnesses the immunoregulatory and antioxidant properties of the Nerium Oleander plant through a patented extraction process, NBio-PL2, utilizing pure liquid Aloe vera. The process allows Aloe vera to extract-react with the unique Nerium oleander plant components in a way that allows for the resultant NAE-8® to possess the observed, beneficial properties attributed to the skin. This has allowed for Nerium SkinCare (a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. ®) to create, formulate and develop the “first of its class” skincare products for topical applications utilizing NAE-8®.

What is Oleander? Is it safe?

Oleander is a generic term used to designate the select species of the plant family Apocynaceae, that is recognized to be an attractive and hardy shrub originating from tropical and subtropical regions. There are different species of “oleander” plants and the term is often misused especially in the context of clumping all the genus and species together. It is especially misleading when yellow oleander and Nerium oleander are clumped as one and the same, which they are not, under “oleander.” Yellow oleander, also known as Thevetia peruviana, is a different genus and species than Nerium oleander which belongs to the respective genus and species, Nerium oleander.
It is the yellow oleander, Thevetia peruviana that has been attributed to be harmful and toxic, while the Nerium oleander is recognized to be relatively benign and folklore harmful effects have been unsubstantiated.

The NAE-8® is derived from the Nerium oleander plant and not from the yellow oleander, Thevetia peruviana. Hence, Nerium oleander is not the genus and species involved in the toxicity when one reads of poisonings due to the generic term oleander. As such, NAE-8® is recognized to be safe and inert especially with topical administration. This is evident from the 19 million plus units of NAE-8® products sold and used in the United States over a course of more than seven years, with no serious adverse events reported, along with the latest clinical safety data.

Are the PURENerium™ products tested on animals?

No. The ingredients in PURENerium products are not tested on animals.

Have PURENerium products been tested for allergic reactions?

Yes. The products have gone through rigorous skin sensitivity testing. However, it is important to note that no product is suited for every person’s skin. Although most ingredients in the products are naturally derived, individuals may have predisposition to be allergic to select ingredients in the PURE Nerium products, and any other branded products that contain similar ingredients. It is highly recommended that consumers review the ingredient list on the packaging to ensure that they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients in the products.

Do any of the PURENerium products contain the Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?

Yes. The PURENerium Daily Face Cream contains the physical sunscreen, zinc oxide, which offers a broad spectrum sun protection factor (SPF) of 20.

Do any of the products use fragrances that contain phthalates?

No. PURENerium products do not contain phthalates.

Are there preservatives in PURENerium products?

Yes. PURENerium products do contain natural preservatives such as Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. The purpose of these preservatives is to ensure the freshness of the product and its natural ingredients, and to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms that may not only decrease the viability of the formula but may also cause harmful skin infections.

Are the PURENerium products hypoallergenic?

Yes. The following PURENerium products are hypoallergenic:

  • PURENerium – Daily Face Cream – Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • PURENerium – Acne Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium – NeriumFirm® Body Contour Cream
  • PURENerium – Psoriasis Relief Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium- Cold Sore Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium Dermal Pain Relief Therapy -Liquid Spray

    The night and eye products are pending final test results.

How should the PureNerium products be stored?

The products can be impacted by both hot and cold temperatures. We suggest you store the bottles at room temperature and avoid extreme heat and cold conditions.

Are the products approved by the FDA?

Cosmetics and over-the-counter products do not require FDA approval. In fact, the approval process for cosmetics and over-the-counter products do not exist. However, PURENerium over-the-counter formulas are registered with the FDA and contain FDA approved over-the-counter active ingredients to treat the respective conditions. More importantly, the products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities that follow stringent FDA and ICH (The International Council for Harmonization) guidelines for good manufacturing practices (GMP). All the products are manufactured at Certified GMP (cGMP) facilities that are consistently reviewed and evaluated by the FDA for safe, sanitary conditions and regulatory compliance.

Do the products have an expiration date?

Yes. The expiration date is listed on the product packaging. However, please note, the freshness of the product reflects the recommended storage conditions listed on the packaging. It is recommended that all products be transported and stored in a cool, dry area, and kept away from direct sunlight.

Where is PURENerium made/manufactured?

 All products are formulated and manufactured in the USA.

Which PURENerium products will be offered?

  • PURENerium – Nightly Face Treatment
  • PURENerium – Daily Face Cream – Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • PURENerium – Eye Serum with Urban Skin Protection
  • PURENerium – Acne Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium – NeriumFirm® Body Contour Cream
  • PURENerium – Psoriasis Relief Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium – Cold Sore Therapy Cream
  • PURENerium – Dermal Pain Relief Therapy -Liquid Spray

Which products include the NAE-8® patented ingredient?

Every product in the PURENerium line is powered by the patent-protected ingredient NAE-8®.

Has this specific product formula ever been available before?

No. Of the 8 products that will be released, 5 products have never been released (PURENerium – Eye Serum, PURENerium – Acne Therapy, PURENerium – Psoriasis Relief Therapy, PURENerium – Cold Sore Therapy and PURENerium -Dermal Pain Relief Therapy).

These 5 products are all “1st formulation phase”.
The PURENerium – Nightly Face Treatment is “4th formulation phase”. The PURENerium – Daily Face Cream is “3rd formulation phase”. The PURENerium – NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream is “2nd formulation phase”. Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. is the sole owner of all proprietary formulations past and present. PURE is only releasing products with the most advanced proprietary formulations powered by the patented NAE-8® ingredient.